Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crochet Pattern- Pineapple TOP



Uses size 10 cotton crochet thread (approximately 1,000 yards) and size 3 hook for lower body and size 5 hook for top section to get slight flair   Instructions given for medium size.  Increasing or decreasing  stitches or hook size will produce a larger or smaller top.




MOTIF 1 – multiple of 8 stitches x 3 for basic body pattern (multiple of 24 needed for this motif). SIZE MEDIUM: Using a size 3 needle, chain 288 and carefully join. Chain 3 for first dc on each row. Join each completed row with a slip stitch. Complete motif is 4 rows. When work measures 5” ending on row 4, change hook to size 5 and work 5 more rows to end this motif on a row 1.

Now to prepare for pineapple motif , at join, chain 1, single crochet (SC) in join, chain (ch) 5 and sc in center stitch of ch 3 on previous row, chain 5 and sc in 3rd dc of group of 5 dc of previous row. Continue around garment, joining with slip stitch. Sip into center chain of first motif and begin motif 2 according to graph below. Note larger lines are dc, smaller are sc.


At the end of the pineapple motif,  you will again have multiples of 6 - chain 5 loops to begin motif 3 .  Slip to the center of the first loop to begin row 1.  Work shell, ch 1 and sc in next loop ,ch 1  and  shell in next loop around.  Ignore dc center of pineapple motif.


Complete 5 rows  of shells, ending with chain row before dividing for underarm.   I leave about 5 shells  unworked on each side for the underarm.  Decrease one more shell on each side and work pattern until motif 3 measures  3  4” in total, then divide the front for neckline on row 1 or 3.  Complete pattern to center of work, sc over 4-6 stitches and continue pattern on the other side.  Work back to center with  a row 2 or 4, ending with a sc in the last shell before center sc.  This effectively is a decrease.  Continue motif, decreasing on the neckline  only until the pattern has 2 full shells and 1 half shell (3 dc).  Continue strap without further decreasing until opening from underarm is at least 8”.   FASTEN OFF  after completing a row 2 or 4.  Complete other side of front in the same manner,  joining at armhole edge and again working toward neckline opening.


BACK neckline:  join at edge of underarm opening and work in pattern for 7 rows of shells before again dividing  work for back neckline as you did the front.  Straps will be 2 rows shorter than the front because the body is 2 rows longer.   When front and back are complete, join straps, weave in ends.

Turn  work over and using size 3 hook, work chain 5 loops on the bottom as you did on the top of motif 1.  Begin pineapple motif again and work 6 rows are before.  The last 4 rows of each pineapple are worked without connecting them.  Join thread in the outer shell, complete 4 rows and fasten off.  This will leave you an open hem

Edge neck and armholes with:  join with sl st at shoulder, ch 1 sc in join, ch 3 & dc in 1st chain, sc in edge of work about 1/3 of an inch from previous sc.   Continue around and join to first sc, fasten off and weave in edges.


I recommend blocking, I pin the garment to achieve desired dimensions and spray with water to dampen.  Allow to dry and then remove pins.  Blocking relaxes the stitches, pulls edging into preferred definition and sizes the garment for a professional look.

These are the suggested measurements for standard sizing.  Use them as a guideline for designing your garment.  I encourage you to modify, alter or otherwise make this pattern unique to yourself.  You may sell your finished items but I would appreciate a mention as designer.




Copyright 2012 by Loye’s Thead


  1. Hello! What does the connection mean? Is it a number of chains? Also, are the measurements in centimeters or inches? Very interested in this beautiful pattern!

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  3. Hiya,

    I really like this pattern so i have given it a go and i have been able to follow your instructions up till now- im up to the arms. I have just finished this part 'Complete 5 rows of shells, ending with chain row before dividing for underarm' but i am unsure how to do the next part: 'I leave about 5 shells unworked on each side for the underarm Decrease one more shell on each side and work pattern until motif 3 measures 3 4” in total, then divide the front for neckline on row 1 or 3.' How do i do this? do i slip stitch and fasten off the peice, fold in half and count 5 shells in and start shell again untill otherside and repeat? I just dont understand how to leave the shells unworked and continue with the decrease. And i am unsure how to do the decrease also. Any advice and help you could provide would be welcome. This is the first time i have tried using a picture based pattern and i would really love to get it completed.

    I look forward to your response.


  4. I can't understand: Decrease one more shell on each side and work pattern until motif 3 measures 3 4” in total. Is this a typo or am I reading it wrong?